Monday, October 11, 2010

Am I the Only One Who Sees This?

Does Matthew Weiner actually have a time machine, with which he found the Alfred Molina of the 60s, brought him to 2010, posed him as his son (Marten Holden Weiner (HOLDEN Weiner?), and had him play the role of Glen on (AMC's) Mad Men? If so, there are about a million better things he could be doing with that time machine. (Matthew, bring me back Crystal Pepsi, Jello 1-2-3, some packages of square Jolly Ranchers,  and Planter's Cheez Balls and I'll consider keeping quiet about this. Also, some Beatles memorabilia.)

If the show progresses far enough, will Glen, who though better in recent episodes, seems at very least to be sort of a creeper, end up becoming Doc Ock in a crazy Spiderman tie-in? (Why the hell is there a "k" in Doc Ock, btw? Octopus does not have a "k" in it.)

I think Matthew Weiner and Alfred Molina should go on Maury for a paternity test. I wonder which one will be dancing across the stage when he hears "You are NOT the father!"

Am I the only one who sees this?



  1. Wow. They do look REALLY similar.

  2. u r not alone to think this. i acc expected the kid to be related to Alfred Molina, so i was lookin around on the net when i found this page. they both look freakingly similar

  3. I totally agree! I went to IMDb to check it out and after searching for images of Marten Holden Weiner at Google I found your site.

  4. How about comparing Marten Holden Weiner to Howard Kaylan from the Turtles?

  5. I think he looks more like .. then he does Alfred Molina. imho